Volunteering with the Youth of Gesu Parish




In 2004 the Diocese of Cleveland began implementing Protecting God’s Children™, also known as Virtus, a program aimed at the prevention of child sexual abuse. This program seeks to safeguard our children by educating school and parish staff, volunteers and parents about ways to prevent sexual abuse, methods of properly reporting suspicions of abuse, and the proper way to respond to allegations of abuse.

In order to do all we can to keep children safe, Gesu Parish and School comply with the requirements of the Virtus Program. Thank you for your generous service to the families of Gesu.

For the purposes of Protecting God’s Children, a volunteer is anyone who interacts with youth more than once a month and/or more than four hours a month.

Examples include (but are not limited to): Cafeteria Aides, Playground Monitors, those who routinely assist in the Library, Art Room or Technology Lab, Coaches, Team Managers, Scout leaders, Children’s Liturgy of the Word volunteers and PSR teachers.


The following information must be submitted to and approved by the Gesu Parish Business Manager or Gesu Principal before an individual will be allowed to serve in parish/school activities involving minors:

  1. Volunteer Application Form. Submit completed application to parish office.
  2. Personal References - All volunteers must provide contact information for 3 personal references on the Volunteer Application. The parish will contact your references.
  3. Virtus Training Certification - verification of your attendance is sent directly to Gesu after you have completed this three hour training. 
    • For information about where Virtus traning sessions will be held and to register, click here
    • Once you have completed the Virtus training, you will receive periodic email lessons which you will need to read. These are very brief articles which require answering only one question. A record of your ongoing progress will be kept with your files.
  4. Background Check - A Background Check can be performed electronically on www.virtusonline.org at your personal account site. Go to the Toolbox tab and then select the Background check tab and follow the prompts. There is a $25 charge for this service.
  5. Acknowledgement Forms - Return forms to the parish office to acknowledge that you have read the three required policy booklets. You will find Acknowledgement Forms at the end of each document. Print that page and return.
    • Diocese of Cleveland
      • Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, published June 2016
      • Diocese of Cleveland Standards of Conduct for Ministry, published June 2016
    • Gesu Parish
      • Guidelines for Adults Working with Youth of Gesu Parish, published September 2004


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