Community Life

“We are building relationships, volunteering and having fun together as a community.”

The Community Life Commission is responsible for promoting ongoing communication between parish organizations who sponsor activities and events. It also encourages communication between parish organizations and the Parish Council and staff, especially as it pertains to the scheduling and execution of activities and events, in order to avoid conflicts and competition for support and attendance. In addition, this Commission sponsors various “fun” activities throughout the year that help build friendship and good will among all members of the parish community.  

The scope of the Community Life Commission includes Hospitality and Welcoming, Parish Organizations and Clubs, Community Building and Social Events.

For more information about any of the Community Life organizations, which can be found here, please contact one of the Community Life Commission Staff Resource people, Fr. Michael Vincent, SJ or Lori Wright, Parish Executive Assistant, unless otherwise noted.

Commission Members
Katie Barrett
Susan Delaney

Courtney DiMenna
Erin Goldwood (Co-Chair and Parish Council Representative)
Mandee Jones
Edward Mozdzen (Co-chair)
Jessica Price Smith
Daria Reed

Fr. Michael Vincent, SJ (Staff Resource) 
Lori Wright (Staff Resource)