Fireside Chats: This is Gesu

Fireside Chats: This is Gesu
September 8, 2020

In this newest episode of Fireside Chats: This is Gesu, Fr. Kiser addresses the role of conscience in moral decision making. We are all called to act according to our conscience, and – as the catechism states – we condemn ourselves when we act against it. But does this mean that we can do whatever we want if our conscience says so? What obligations do we have prior to making decisions to ensure that we are making choices based on a fully formed conscience?


If you have questions that you would like Fr. Kiser to address, please share them with us! The topics can range from Church teachings or traditions to what books he is reading. To make this fun and interesting, we will leave the topics very broad. You ask what you want, and he will do his best to answer - and hopefully have a little fun along the way! Please send any questions or comments to [email protected].


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