Surviving or Thriving: Hope in a Time of Pandemic

After having “sheltered in place” for an inordinate amount of time, we find ourselves gradually reentering society. With a unique opportunity to be protagonists for our future, together in solidarity and social cohesion, we will overcome the challenges that this pandemic has wrought and, by our faith in the Resurrection, be reborn stronger than ever.

The Church of the Gesu continues to accompany you as you navigate this complex journey and the occasional feelings of anxiety, despair, or even hopelessness that accompany it. We continue to share a weekly reflection or article as a tool to help you learn how to encounter God more meaningfully. You are not alone.

Although Masses have resumed, we know that not all of you are able to return just yet. We hope you find this week's reflection reassuring. Welcome, beautiful soul.

Weeks of October 18 & 25
"The Young Artist and Athlete Who Continues to Inspire Even After His Death" >

Weeks of October 4 & 11
"What I Missed the Most in Quarantine" >

Weeks of September 20 & 27
"The COVID Catechesis of Pope Francis: We have an Opportunity to Turn Out Better Than Before the Crisis!"  >

Weeks of September 6 & 13
"How to Enjoy Life When Everything is Uncertain" >

Weeks of August 23 & 30
"Trust And Don't Be Afraid" >

Week of August 16
"Striving Versus Abiding: When to Rest and When It’s Okay to Say 'No!'" >

Week of August 9
"Pope Francis Shares His Vision for COVID-19 Aftermath" >

Week of August 2
"Is the Weariness and Anxiety of Isolation Getting to You?" >

Week of July 26
"Face Masks, Social Distancing, Standing in Line. This is the Saint I Turn to for Patience in the Pandemic" >

Week of July 19, 2020
"What Can We Do With Our Fear?" >

Week of July 12, 2020
"An Angelus Appeal from Pope Francis During the Coronavirus Pandemic" >

Week of June 28, 2020
"Love and Longing in the Time of Coronavirus" >

Week of June 21, 2020
A Message of Hope >

Week of June 14, 2020
Ben's Story >

Week of June 7, 2020
"Your Only Goal Is to Arrive" >

Week of May 31, 2020
"We Have the Holy Spirit, Even if We Can't Receive the Sacraments" >

Week of May 24, 2020

Week of May 17, 2020
Pope Francis' Prayer to Virgin Mary for Protection from Coronavirus >

Week of May 10, 2020
Things Every Frazzled Mom Needs to Hear > 

Week of May 3, 2020
An Examen for Life During COVID-19 >

Week of April 26, 2020
Coronavirus Prayer >

Week of April 19, 2020
An Anxious Person's Prayer >