Surviving or Thriving: Hope in a Time of Pandemic

After having “sheltered in place” for an inordinate amount of time, we find ourselves preparing to gradually reenter society. With a unique opportunity to be protagonists for our future, together in solidarity and social cohesion, we will overcome the challenges that this pandemic has wrought and, by our faith in the Resurrection, be reborn stronger than ever.

The Church of the Gesu continues to accompany you as you navigate this complex journey and the occasional feelings of anxiety, despair, or even hopelessness that accompany it. We continue to share a weekly reflection or article as a tool to help you learn how to encounter God more meaningfully. You are not alone.

Welcome, beautiful soul…
We hope you find comfort in this week’s reflection:

Week of May 17, 2020

Week of May 10, 2020 

Week of May 3, 2020

Week of April 26, 2020

Week of April 19, 2020