Let's Play Bridge!

It's been a long time since we could play bridge together, and we are happy to invite you to sign up for the 2021-2022 Gesu Bridge Marathon season! If you haven't played with us before, please consider joining us for some fun at the bridge table! We play regular rubber bridge, and there is a men's group, a women's group and a couple's group. We welcome all vaccinated bridge players, and we would like to have even more teams.

No crowded rooms: each month you play one other couple in your home or theirs. Games are played at a time that is convenient for both teams. Sign up with a partner and you will receive a schedule that shows which team you and your partner will play each month. If you are not able to play your game in a particular month, you may play at another time that is convenient for both teams.

Deadline to sign up is August 25. The fee for the season is $15 per person. Make checks payable to "Gesu Women's Guild." Send with the name, address, phone and the email of you and your partner to: Anne Raby, 2419 South Belvoir Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118. Please sign up promptly so we can get the schedules out for September play.

Any questions? Contact Jo Ann at (216) 831-4910,  Anne at (216) 382-0326 or [email protected]. For the men’s bridge group contact Dave Plottner at (440) 708-1739 or [email protected].