Gesu Ministry Helps Affirm the Dignity of Life

Gesu parishioner, Debbie Bruening, was recently interviewed by Michael Hayes, Director of the Office of Young Adult Ministry at the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Debbie has been instrumental in the development and coordination of Gesu’s Young Adult Program for Adaptive Needs, an extension of Gesu’s Catechesis for Adaptive Needs (CAN) for elementary age students. In the interview, Debbie shares how Gesu Parish affirms the dignity of human life through these ministries. We are asked to serve every person in the faith community, including those with adaptive needs. When they learn, they are able to worship better. When the parish assists in that effort, not only do we grow in communication skills, but we grow in love. In turn, we become a better Church by their participation and ours.

You can watch the entire interview here >