From Our House to Your House


WEEK OF September 20

Guided Prayer at Mealtime
During this time, God is inviting all of us to strengthen our domestic churches. The prayer below is a simple, yet meaningful way to pray with your family during mealtimes that encourages you to relate this week's gospel reading to your own lives. Making a habit of praying as family is one of the most impactful ways to strengthen our faith. Dedicate one meal each week to praying together and start feeling your family grow closer to each other and to God.

GATHER: Begin simply by saying “Bless Us, O Lord!” and make the Sign of the Cross

LISTEN: Use a portion of the reading this week to read aloud.  

Our Gospel for today is Matthew 20:8-15. Jesus tells the story of the owner of the vineyard who asks the foreman to summon the workers to be paid - asking him to bring forward those who had been hired last. When those who had started a short time before were paid a day’s wages, those hired first began to grumble when they were paid the same, even though they had worked all day. The owner tells them that they all had been paid what they had been told upon hiring. At the end, he challenges them with the question: “Are you envious because I am generous?”

Pause a little, 

SHARE: Invite each person at your table to answer.

It is not difficult to realize that the workers felt that this was very unfair. We all have times when we find things are unfair, or that even life is unfair! How do we deal with those feelings? When Jesus told his friends this story, he wanted them to learn something about God’s love. God’s love often surprises us because it is more than earned, more than expected, and maybe even more than any of us can imagine. How might we see our everyday “unfairness” with God’s eyes? And perhaps grow in understanding, forgiveness or acceptance.

PRAY FOR: After your sharing, consider all those you would want to remember in prayer today.

Pray for those who are treated most unfairly in our families, in our classroom, in our cities and society. May God’s love extend through us to those most in need.

BONUS QUESTION FOR THIS WEEK: Today is Catechetical Sunday! Do you know what a “catechist” is?

GIVE THANKS: Conclude with: "Bless Us, O Lord, and these your gifts which we are about to receive from your bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Enjoy your meal!

Additional Ideas for This Week:

  • Take the time to pray with us by using the Mass on our homepage. 

  • If you have special intentions that you would like to be included in our prayers, please email these to [email protected]. We will print out all of the submissions and have them in a basket beside the altar during our weekly recorded Masses. We feel it is important to be able to turn to your community in faith during the most troubling times. Since we cannot be together to do so, we hope this invitation assists you on your journey.

  • Coloring Pages and Activities for Young Children


St. Mary's Press is offering you and your families free access to Kids’ Liturgy, their digitally-led Children's Liturgy of the Word program. Parents can log in using any internet-connected device and engage their children in the included children's songs, a gospel reading, an active reflection and prayer for a full liturgical experience. By presenting the Word in a format and language that children can understand, we can continue  to strengthen their faith and enliven the whole church community – even as we are apart. 

To access this free resource, please follow the instructions below:
     1. Go to 
     2. Copy/paste the following login information: 
         Username: [email protected]
         Password: KidsLiturgy123! 
        * This is a universal login. Please DO NOT change the password!

You can also watch the free video walk-through of a Kids’ Liturgy session at the following link:


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