Feast of All Souls


During the month of November, we remember those who have died.  Gesu, in a special way, remembers those parishioners who have died in the past year in a number of ways.

We invite you to bring to church a picture of your deceased loved one, and place it in the area near the baptismal font. Please make sure you have a name and phone number on the back! You may bring the picture anytime after November 1.

On Monday, November 2, the Feast of All Souls, there will be a special Mass at 7:00 pm remembering all those who have died.  
*** Please note that there are small cards available on which you can write names of those of your family and friends who have died. A basket near the baptismal font is for this purpose. You may also use the online form located here >

You might also choose to write their names in the Memorial Book of the Dead. This book will figure prominently during the entire month of November in our liturgies.