Catholic Social Teaching & The Pandemic

Forming opinions and making judgments that have moral implications are always matters of conscience. We all have the freedom to decide, but that freedom must be tempered by our responsibility to choose rightly especially during stressful times like this. The purpose of this column is to bring you information to assist you in making complex decisions consistent with the core beliefs of our Catholic tradition. We welcome your feedback on the issues presented. Please respond at [email protected]


Week of 5/24/2020

"What kind of world do we want to leave to those who will come after us, to the children who are growing up?" Pope Francis asks us to consider this question as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the publication of his encyclical/letter, Laudato Si', translated "On Care for our Common Home." The Pope invites us all to reflect on the world around us not simply as a resource to exploit, but as a gift from God to protect for future generations. As the article states, in determining our response to this present situation, we have a unique opportunity to attempt to develop “a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.”

Read the following article to learn more about this anniversary as the start of a year-long program of activities:
"Vatican Launches year-long celebration of Laudato Si'" >

Access the text of Laudato Si' and other resources here >

Week of 5/17/2020
Who are the workers behind our healthcare and the food on our tables? What risks do they face in providing these essential services? What is our responsibility towards these people who risk their lives for us, yet are among the most vulnerable in our society? This article addresses these and other questions that have become even more significant during these times.

Week of 5/10/2020
Pope Francis recently celebrated Mass in honor of the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, also International Worker's Day. He reminds us that work must honor the dignity of every human being and that all be paid a just wage. You can listen to the Pope's homily here >

Week of 5/3/2020
Any account of Catholic involvement in social justice issues in the United States would have to include the work of Dorothy Day. Although not without controversy in her time, she lived out her belief that passionate commitment to social justice is entirely compatible with a close intimacy with God. You can read "Sainthood Cause for Dorothy Day Picking Up Steam in U.S." at:

Week of 4/19/20
Everyone agrees that the response to a pandemic that affects everyone must consider the common good. The following article from The Tablet addresses four different ways of viewing the common good, including the Catholic response. You can read "The Virus and the Common Good" here >