Catholic News & Media

Dear Parishioners,

It's very hard to keep informed about issues in the Church. The secular media struggles to understand who we are as Catholics and their coverage of significant Catholic news is spotty at best. The internet has many websites that report news about the Church and that link to "Catholic" sites. Are these trustworthy sites? Do they have good reporters and a history of telling our story well? On the internet, you can never be too sure.  

Below are some suggestions of reputable websites:

If you are looking for good accurate information about the Church, you won't go wrong with these sources of information. There are many "Catholic" websites out there, and while they might be interesting or fun to read, much of their content is more editorial focused. The sources I mention above are the ones that our bishops and other Church men and women trust, or at least pay attention to what these sources publish.

Fr. Karl Kiser, SJ