Catechesis for Adaptive Needs

The development of the spiritual life of every member of the Church is a necessary effort of each parish. Gesu offers two programs for members of the Gesu community, and to surrounding parishes. 

CAN (Catechesis for Adaptive Needs)

CAN, coordinated by Angela Young, is designed for elementary-aged students. This is an adapted religious education program for students with adaptive needs. Students participate in lessons online and meet together for activities throughout the year. The registration form for CAN is available at:

YA CAN (Young Adult Catechesis for Adaptive Needs)

YA CAN, coordinated by Debbie Bruening, is tailored for participants 18 years and older. The Young Adult program is more of a "young at heart" effort since many students are mature adults. Using a combination of in-person meetings, social activities, and service opportunities, students and families have experienced a deepening of their faith while having fun. Register for YA CAN online at:

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