50+ Club Members Journey Back to Victorian Era

Taking advantage of sunny, pleasant weather, members of Gesu's 50+ Club recently enjoyed a delightful visit to 1850's London, taking the opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to folks like Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Queen Victoria, Father Christmas, Scrooge, and countless other Charles Dickens characters. The trip wasn't really to London. Rather, the Gesu group visited charming Cambridge, Ohio, where the town annually creates an engaging Victorian holiday atmosphere on its main street, presenting 92 scenes featuring 180 lifelike Victorian-dressed, life-sized, hand carved mannequins. 


Along the way the 48 visitors to Cambridge also found time to do some Christmas shopping, visit a pastry shop with cases full of Christmas cookies, and learned how world-renowned Cambridge glass was made during a fascinating presentation at the National Museum of Cambridge Glass. That program involved several Gesu trip members being recruited to be "skilled glass makers" during the glass blowing demonstration. 


As dusk arrived in Cambridge, the Guernsey County Court House on Wheeling Avenue was turned into a festival of lights and holiday music. The Court House was built in 1881 and  its construction crew never envisioned it becoming a holiday lighting extravaganza, but at sunset the Gesu visitors watched the building dazzle tens of thousands of lights and uplifting Christmas music. It was a delightful way to wrap up a fun day with friends.

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