Virtual Hike for Hunger

When: May 30-31, 2020


  • To come together virtually and remotely as a community
  • To be immersed into Service
  • To share awareness of people suffering from lack of food
  • To bridge the meal gap


  • Select the date you want to walk/hike or bike.
  • Select your location to do this Virtual Hike – around your own neighborhood, nearby Acacia or Shaker Lakes, Visit a Metropark, follow the trails in Beachwood Park or walk around the campus of Gesu or John Carroll.
  • Wear the color of red in honor of Pentecost Weekend.
  • Carry a poster (this is optional and can be homemade).
  • As you engage on this Hike, be sure to practice your social distancing!

Pre-hike: Be sure to watch the video prepared by the Hike for Hunger Committee of Teachers, which can be found here >


The Hike may have a different look to it this year due to the Pandemic, but THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Mrs. Rosemary Nemeth
Miss Katie Barrett
Miss Kelly Kertis
Mr. Eric Vaiksnoras
Mr. Joe Ciuni
Mr. Tim Stuber

Mrs. Megan Kallay
Mrs. Patty Komperda
Mr. Jake Halusker
Mr. Nate Luengo

Miss Val Weimer
Mr. Brad Davidson
Mrs. Trish Nietert
Mr. Michael Martinek
Miss Lynn Grabiec