Ignatian Threads

Ignatian Threads

Founder of the Jesuits

Posted by Hilda Walter on 7/09/20

July 5

The Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola will be July 31, so during this month, let us recall the life of this founder of the Society of Jesus. Ignatius was a Basque soldier, who, until age 26 sought fame and renown, especially through combat and warfare.  ... Read More »

A Vision of Love

Posted by Hilda Walter on 6/29/20

Ignatian spirituality offers us a vision of love.  Ignatius believed that active loving was God’s most outstanding quality.  We have all been loved and have known loving relationships: parents, siblings, children, spouse, friends, extended family.  One of life’s greatest blessings is having someone truly care about you.  Consider that ... Read More »

The place where Jesus is!

Posted by Hilda Walter on 6/26/20

6-14-20 – Most Holy Body ^ Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

As we celebrate The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we hear Jesus tell people he is “the living bread that came down from heaven” and that “whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal ... Read More »

God's Great Love

Posted by Hilda Walter on 6/08/20

6-7-20 – Most Holy Trinity

In today’s Gospel celebrating The Most Holy Trinity, we hear Jesus’ words: “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.” In Week #29 of The Spiritual Exercises, many weeks of prayer culminate as we experience God’s boundless and unconditional love.  Our ... Read More »

Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me!

Posted by Hilda Walter on 6/01/20

5-31-20 – Pentecost

We hear in the Gospel according to John that a locked door does not prevent the Risen Jesus from joining the gathering of his fearful disciples. He appears in recognizable form and stands in their midst. How would we react? How do we, in fact, perceive ... Read More »

With Us Always

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/22/20

5-24-20 –Celebrate the Ascension

In our celebration of Jesus’ Ascension, let‘s use imaginative Gospel contemplation and put ourselves on the mountain to where Jesus had directed his disciples. Throughout Scripture, mountains have been settings of transcendence, places to ‘meet’ God.  We come to see what our Risen Lord wants ... Read More »

The Gift of God's Love

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/15/20

God gave the greatest gift: Himself.  Through Jesus’ humanity, we know the Father.  In these past weeks we have explored the fullness of this gift.  In John's Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter, Jesus reassures his apostles with great love and concern that he is not abandoning them. ... Read More »

Have Faith and Trust

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/11/20

Jesus’ words to his disciples in John’s Gospel today, “Do not let your hearts be troubled,” can be applied to our lives today.   We, as were the disciples, are understandably troubled during these uncertain times.  Let us take Jesus’ advice into our hearts and try our best to maintain ... Read More »

Follow the Shepherd

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/01/20


Are you savoring the graces of this Easter season? Do you follow the Risen Jesus with deep love and gratitude for all that has impacted our lives because of his life, death and resurrection?  In today’s Gospel Jesus connects the Shepherd of the sheep to the Gate through ... Read More »

Keep Our Eyes Open

Posted by Hilda Walter on 4/27/20

Are we sometimes like the disciples on the road to Emmaus who don’t recognize Jesus even as he walks beside them?  In The Ignatian Adventure, Kevin O’Brien, S.J. writes that “our God is a God of life. The Resurrection reveals how God is always bringing life from death, hope ... Read More »


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