Ignatian Threads

Ignatian Threads

In the Desert

Posted by Hilda Walter on 2/22/21

February 21 bulletin feature

This first Sunday in Lent finds Jesus in the desert where he remains for forty days. He is tempted by Satan and confronted by wild beasts. Ignatius might suggest we pray with lectio divina and find a word or a phrase in this short Gospel, ... Read More »

Lent Begins This Week

Posted by Hilda Walter on 2/15/21

Bulletin February 14, 2021

Lent begins this week – the days before Easter in remembrance of Jesus’ fasting in the desert for 40 days. Ashes from palm branches blessed on last year’s Palm Sunday will be sprinkled on heads, with the words ‘Turn away from sin and be faithful ... Read More »

Come As You Are

Posted by Hilda Walter on 2/01/21

Bulletin 1-31-21

One heartening aspect of Ignatian spirituality is the understanding that God meets us where we are!  What does this mean?  God does not wait until we conquer our doubts and our fears, or resolve our sinful issues, or commit to regular religious practices.  His ‘call’ for us to ... Read More »

Here I Am, Lord!

Posted by Hilda Walter on 1/18/21

January 17, 2021

Today’s Gospel from John 1: 35-42 presents an invitation and inspires a response. Two disciples see Jesus walk by and remark: “Behold, the Lamb of God!” Then they follow him. Imagine you are among those who hear this pronouncement and then hear Jesus ask you the ... Read More »

Dawning of God's Kingdom

Posted by Hilda Walter on 1/12/21

The Baptism of the Lord – on the surface this is a puzzling and even contradictory idea: Jesus - He, who is sinless - is baptized by John in the river Jordan. Using imaginative contemplation, let us witness this event.  John is carrying out his ministry at the Jordan, ... Read More »

Enter the New Year in the Ignatian Way

Posted by Hilda Walter on 1/04/21

Happy New Year!  St. Ignatius might view this as a valuable opportunity to make some practical spiritual resolutions: incorporate the Examen at a regular time into your daily prayer, set aside some time just for you and God to have conversation, recognize God’s presence in your everyday living, find more ... Read More »

The Day After Christmas

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/26/20

It’s the day after Christmas 2020.  This blogger admits to giving you each week’s bulletin entry in our “Ignatian Threads” feature and not much beyond that, save an occastional reflection through an Ignatian lens.  Well, bear with me as thoughts are spilling over at this time, and I assume ... Read More »

Light of Divine Love

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/26/20

12-27-20 – Holy Family

Today we celebrate The Holy Family. Let us journey with them to the temple in Jerusalem where Mary and Joseph will present the Holy Child to the Lord. Imagine you witness Simeon in Matthew’s Gospel, “righteous and devout, awaiting the consolation of Israel…to whom it ... Read More »

Just BE with God

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/26/20

12-20- 20 – 4th Sunday Advent 

As we begin this 4th week of Advent, we are getting closer to receiving the great gift of love which Mary brings forth in the flesh. What does your Advent look like?  Perhaps these goals could be on your Advent ‘to do’ list:  to ... Read More »

Connection in the Advent Journey

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/17/20

December 12

Advent means ‘a coming into place, view, or being,’ reminding us of a movement, a journey, having a goal or destination. Advent is very much about hope and preparation and waiting and longing. It is also about connection. This season coincides with the end of our calendar year, creating ... Read More »


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