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With Us Always

5-24-20 –Celebrate the Ascension

In our celebration of Jesus’ Ascension, let‘s use imaginative Gospel contemplation and put ourselves on the mountain to where Jesus had directed his disciples. Throughout Scripture, mountains have been settings of transcendence, places to ‘meet’ God.  We come to see what our Risen Lord wants to show us or tell us. We come to meet him again after his Resurrection. This will be Jesus’ final appearance before he departs from us and ascends to the Father.  We feel the joy of his presence, while at the same time we cannot conceal our concern.  We are new disciples.  We have traveled with Jesus, listened to his teaching, and witnessed his amazing deeds.  Now he is telling us to be the teachers and go out to make disciples in all places.  As we reflect on how we might carry out this mission, we are encouraged and strengthened by Jesus’ words to us:  And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.


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