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The Gift of God's Love

God gave the greatest gift: Himself.  Through Jesus’ humanity, we know the Father.  In these past weeks we have explored the fullness of this gift.  In John's Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter, Jesus reassures his apostles with great love and concern that he is not abandoning them.  He avows that he will still be with them, but in a different way: “You will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you.”  How difficult this concept must have been for them.  Likewise, we do not fully understand, but we find solace in his words. Ignatian Spirituality teaches us to find God in all things.  Jesus’ farewell discourse to his apostles proclaims that God is indeed in all things. He invites us to open ourselves to the depth of this relationship. We are greatly loved by our Creator, “and whoever loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him.”

I often reflect on how foundational it is to my own spiritual life that God loves us completely and unconditionally.  Sometimes I may not feel that I deserve that great love, but it is freely given nonetheless. God is love itself; he is the means by which we know how to give and receive love.  All God can do is love.! Ignatian spirituality teaches that God created us out of love so that we can love him in return. Moreover, when we think of what is most important in our lives, it truly is the people with whom we are in relationship: family and special friends. That has certainly became a clearer reality in this time of physical distance and absence of in-person gatherings with family and friends. Maybe there's a correlation with our relationship with God.  Though we do not see him, we can be assured that he loves us and is with us, and, I believe, active in our lives. Let's try to find comfort and hope as we continue to navigate this journey.


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