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Lenten Opportunity

March 20, 2022

Are you having a good Lent?  Do you view Lent primarily as a time of sacrifice?  Have you promised to give up something you enjoy or to find coins for the Rice Bowl or to pray more and attend Mass more often? Such actions fulfill that commitment of sacrifice that often characterizes this season, but there’s so much more to Lent! These weeks are a valuable opportunity to deepen our personal connection with God, who is always with us.  Let us view Lent as a period of blessing – a time for spiritual growth. Let us ask to look honestly and courageously at our lives.  Do we feel that our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us, or have we wandered from this path?  We can trust that God’s grace is great enough and merciful enough to heal us and help us. In our soul-searching and repentance during the Lenten season, we open our hearts to welcome our loving God.


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