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Keep Our Eyes Open

Are we sometimes like the disciples on the road to Emmaus who don’t recognize Jesus even as he walks beside them?  In The Ignatian Adventure, Kevin O’Brien, S.J. writes that “our God is a God of life. The Resurrection reveals how God is always bringing life from death, hope from despair, love from hate, and light from darkness.  So we celebrate the ‘risings’ as well, such as reconciled or new friendships, unexpected opportunities, renewed vigor, and meaningful learning experiences that come from losses.”  Though it may be challenging at this time to see these positive aspects in our lives, we still have our faith, our families, our friends, even if at a physical distance.  As we reflect on the risen Christ, let us find solace and joy in knowing He walks with us.  With God’s grace we are made whole, to continue our journey with hope and promise.

This familiar and powerful Gospel challenges us and encourages us in several ways. We are not encountering many people right now in our everyday lives - maybe none at all.  Do we realize we are still encountering Jesus: our Risen Lord who shows us that there is life beyond suffering and hardship? Let's try to keep walking with him, with our eyes open to his presence.  Have hope, stay well, be at peace!


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