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Jesus greets with "Peace"

April 24 - Divine Mercy Sunday

In today’s Gospel Jesus appears two times to his disciples after his resurrection. He is not bound by space; he enters through a locked door. Imagine you are one of those disciples, fearful and uncertain. Your beloved friend who was crucified is miraculously with you again, in body and recognizable. He shows you the wounds in his hands; he truly is the risen Jesus. He greets you with the words, “Peace be with you.” He missions you: “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” These same words are meant for us. Imagine Jesus with you, speaking words of peace and reassurance. Hear him missioning you to share your faith with others, in words and in deeds. As we reflect on the risen Christ, we realize joy in the total redemption of ourselves.  With God’s grace we are made whole, to continue our journey in hope and promise.


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