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Jesus calls his first disciples

Bulletin January 26

Our life’s journey takes many twists and turns, and is often filled with uncertainty.  Consider today’s Gospel telling the story of Jesus calling his first disciples.  He encounters two pairs of brothers: Simon and Andrew, James and John, who similarly leave everything behind in response to Jesus’ calling them to be his disciples. There must have been such power in Jesus’ words and demeanor to elicit an immediate response from these fishermen.  Can we find any parallel in our own lives that reflects this scenario?  Do we ever feel that we are being asked to ‘step out of our comfort zone’ or respond to a challenging situation or resolve a dilemma?  Do we ever think that we are being ‘called’ to some purpose or action that just might be what God wants and not exactly what we ourselves want to do?  God does not stop pursuing us, and God does know what is best for us.  Let us become more responsive to his call and answer trustfully in our hearts: “Hear am I Lord; I come to do Your will.”


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