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Jesus' Ascension

May 16, 2021

Jesus instructs his disciples to spread the Gospel.  We see a powerful promise inherent in this preaching: by Jesus’ death and resurrection, he has shown us there is a something beyond the trials and sufferings of our earthly life. Let’s reflect and ask ourselves some questions: When was the last time I shared my faith with someone? Can I think of a missed opportunity to do this? He speaks of ‘signs’ that will accompany those who believe. Can others tell that I am a person of faith?  How does my faith shape my daily life? Do my actions, words, gestures, comments, and even facial expressions, reflect what is genuine about my faith…what emanates from an interior dwelling place?  It may not be an expressed Ignatian characteristic, but perhaps ‘being real’ could be! Just as ‘Finding God in all things’ is a known Ignatian element, we could reflect on the meaning of ‘Showing God at all times!’

May 9, 2021

In today’s Gospel Jesus continues delivering his farewell discourse to his disciples. We can imagine hearing his words, watching his face, and sharing our reactions with the other disciples. Jesus is encouraging us as he instructs us how to carry on without his human presence in our lives. He makes it clear that he loves us, just as the Father has loved him. By keeping his commandments, just as he kept his Father’s commandments, we will remain in his love. We are inspired by the meaning of ‘relationship.’  Ignatius might have been affected by this discourse, concluding that following Jesus is the purpose of our lives. Imagine that Jesus is speaking his message directly to us. We bring Jesus into our hearts in a personal relationship…with Jesus, with God the Father, and with all those who are in our lives by God’s design. The Jesus of the Gospels is ‘our’ Jesus. Let us come to know him personally and remain in his love.


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