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In the Desert

February 21 bulletin feature

This first Sunday in Lent finds Jesus in the desert where he remains for forty days. He is tempted by Satan and confronted by wild beasts. Ignatius might suggest we pray with lectio divina and find a word or a phrase in this short Gospel, letting it seep into our hearts to become our prayer: “in the desert” or “among wild beasts” or “angels ministered to him.”  Jesus comes out of the desert and goes to Galilee, proclaiming more phrases for reflection: “time of fulfillment” or “kingdom of God is at hand” or “repent and believe.” Was there a time when we may have felt like we were ‘in the desert?’ Were we confronted by distractions – ‘wild beasts’ – that obscured what is important or led us away from our relationship with God? What brought us out of that desert? Did we sense that ‘angels ministered’ in the form of spiritual re-orientation? A few words in today’s Responsorial Psalm #25 might be worthwhile as one Lenten prayer: O Lord, “teach me your paths.”


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