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Imaginative Gospel Contemplation

April 3

Today’s Gospel is good for reflection with imaginative Gospel contemplation.  Ignatius believed that there is value in praying with our imaginations as well as with our thoughts and actions. In using this form of Ignatian prayer, we ‘jump into the scene’ using our senses. What we see or hear is generally easiest to describe; however, we can also touch or feel or even taste something about the scene. Place yourself in this story of Jesus and the woman accused of adultery. Can you feel tension in the commotion? Do you hear the voices of the Pharisees who condemn her? Do you hear the firm voice of Jesus asking who would be the one to throw the first stone? Can you see the actions of those who disperse? Can you see the fear in the woman’s eyes, and then her reaction when Jesus does not condemn her? As with the woman, we are redeemed by Jesus’ mercy and compassion, and are sent to sin no more.


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