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Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me!

5-31-20 – Pentecost

We hear in the Gospel according to John that a locked door does not prevent the Risen Jesus from joining the gathering of his fearful disciples. He appears in recognizable form and stands in their midst. How would we react? How do we, in fact, perceive and receive the Spirit of God?  Do we open the door of our hearts to let the Holy Spirit come in and make a dwelling place?  What does it mean to us that Jesus gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit? As we often do before an Examen, we can breathe in the Spirit and let out the cares and distractions of our day.  We can trust in the same ‘Spirit’ that breathed on the disciples when Jesus spoke to them; “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  With this offering is proclamation of the first gift of the Holy Spirit, when Jesus said: “Peace be with you.”  How simple these brief words; yet, how profound the message! 


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