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He is Risen and with us!

4-12-20 – Easter                                                                                                       

This unprecedented time of crisis is laced with uncertainty and change, but the Christ of the Resurrection is a constant!  Let Our Risen Lord fill the spaces in our hearts where concern has taken a foothold.  In the Fourth Week of his Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius invites us to experience joy as we share in the consolation of the Risen Christ.  In the midst of concern for ourselves, our families, our jobs, our ‘normal’ way of living, let us realize our blessings and be thankful.  Ask for the grace to love as God loves and, above all, to have hope.  Our Lenten journey led us to many encounters with Jesus, as we sought his mercy and love.  We drew closer to our loving God by seeing ourselves as God sees us: created out of love - to respond in love.  Let us continue to seek, to find, and to trust that God is in our daily lives. May the beauty of this relationship sustain us and continue to grow.  We need not look far; he is right there - Rejoice and be glad!


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