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God's Boundless Love


Millions of believers have embraced and been enriched by the foundations and legacy of Ignatian spirituality set in motion by Ignatius of Loyola and the early Jesuits.  We are blessed here at Gesu to be exposed to this ‘way of proceeding.’  Finding God in all things is a hallmark of Ignatian spirituality.  In seeing the hand of God in our everyday lives, we are reassured of his love.  Do you ever think about how much God wants to find you…how he constantly pursues you?  We celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ – God’s love made immediately available to all, and the Feast of Epiphany - the manifestation of Christ to all the world. God came to find us and to love us.  He wants us to know him and to love him in return.  Perhaps in this new year we can let ourselves be found and be open to the direction God may take us on our journey.  May we continue to be filled with gratitude that, through the human Jesus, we encounter the Divine.


God’s love for us is boundless and unconditional.  As deeply as we love a child, a spouse, or a parent, our Creator’s love is beyond human understanding.   All God can do is love.  He IS love!  He gave us the gift of life.  All things in this world are gifts, offered to us so that we can learn to know God more easily, grow closer to Him, and return His love more readily.  Our very lives, the people and experiences we encounter, are presented by God’s design, with the potential to elicit a response of love and gratitude.  As this new year unfolds, let us know that, even amid our challenges and misfortunes, there is a hope of something better.  St. Ignatius, as paraphrased by David Fleming, S.J., submits that our only desire and our one choice should be to want and to choose what better leads to God’s deepening his life in me.




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