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God is in Charge

3-22-20 – 4th Sunday of Lent

We might benefit from a bit of spiritual ‘spring cleaning.’  It takes courage to look inside ourselves and admit our shortcomings, jealousies, doubts – all possible distractions from what God wants for us. In fact, these realizations can be the very thing that directs us back to God: a sort of ‘spiritual GPS.’  Someone said that God writes straight with crooked lines.  Day in and day out, our paths take many twists and turns, some of which we would gladly reject or avoid altogether, but they confront us nonetheless.  God is in charge: the ultimate tour guide who has designed the itinerary for our journey.  As we walk in faith through Lent in this time of uncertainty, we may find ourselves in the desert.  Let us remember that God is in the desert with us.  With God’s grace, growth and new life will emerge out of this dryness. His great mercy and love are constants in our changing world. Let us lean on him in trust and hope.

3-15-20 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

Are you having a good Lent?  Though we may not view the Lenten season as a time to ‘enjoy,’ considering thesacrificial, self-denial aspect that generally characterizes it, in fact, Lent presents a valuable opportunity for spiritual enrichment.  Lent offers a time to deepen the precious connection we have with our creator.  Lent is truly a time of grace, a time to foster spiritual growth and to be grateful for the chance to look honestly and courageously at our lives.  Do we feel that our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us, or have we wandered from this path?  Do we realize that God’s grace is great enough and merciful enough to heal us and help us?  In our soul-searching and repentance during this Lenten season, let us trust that God is present in our everyday living, as we prayerfully open our hearts to welcome him.


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