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God Calling!

Have you ever felt that God was trying to get your attention?  Has your heart ever been stirred by some indefinable force, pulled toward something unknown, even formidable?  Have we considered that God might be actively participating in our lives?  Ignatius believed that God truly is active in our lives, just as scripture describes how Jesus entered people’s lives and invited them to follow him.  Indeed, God calls; we respond… or not!  If not, God will call again!  Our response to God grows and deepens over time, along with our awareness of this experience. We develop a sort of attentiveness to God’s presence. Likewise, we hone our way of responding to his call. Since life is rarely orderly for very long, we can take comfort in the constant presence of God. Ignatius of Loyola believed and taught that God is not remote or detached, but is involved in the details of our ordinary everyday lives. 


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