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Celebration of Christ the King

Bulletin 11-24-19

Today we celebrate the authority of Christ as King and Lord of all things. It seems fitting that this feast celebrating Christ's kingship falls right before Advent, when we will liturgically wait for the promised Messiah (King). As we praise and glorify the loving and merciful king of the universe, we can begin by reflecting on the nature of our own daily living.  We are about to re-set the church’s clock, leaving Ordinary Time to enter into the mystery of the Incarnation, waiting for God, as Ignatius expressed in the Spiritual Exercises, to “work the redemption of the human race.” (SE 107)  This all-knowing and all-powerful King will come to save us amid the beauty and suffering in our world, in the details of our daily living.  For what graces might we pray upon entering into the Advent season?


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