July 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

July 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

The 'Cannonball Moment'

Posted by Hilda Walter on 7/26/21

July 31 - August 1

Today we celebrate the “cannonball moment” on the Feast of St. Ignatius, as Jesuits worldwide are beginning a special Ignatian year. Surely Ignatius would have connected readily with today’s Gospel from John. Jesus says to the crowd: “My Father gives you the true bread ... Read More »

Ignatius Formulates the Spiritual Exercises

Posted by Hilda Walter on 7/12/21

July 11

After his vigil at Montserrat, Ignatius went to the village of Manresa. For a while he lived in a cave, performing penances and fasting, putting aside concern for personal appearance.  He spent many hours each day in prayer.  In a book he carried for years and later ... Read More »

The 'Livery of Christ'

Posted by Hilda Walter on 7/07/21

July 5

As you gaze upon the Ignatius window panel where he is convalescing after serious battle injury, reflect on this life-changing experience for a young Basque soldier. Wordly dreams and military career were abruptly finished. More profoundly – for him and all of those who for hundreds of ... Read More »


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