May 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

May 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

Guided by the Holy Spirit

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/25/21

May 23, 2021 - Feast of Pentecost

Pentecost: Jesus sends us The Spirit so we can live out the truths he taught. How do we perceive and receive the Spirit of God? Do we open the door of our hearts to let the Holy Spirit come in and make a dwelling place? As ... Read More »

Jesus' Ascension

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/17/21

May 16, 2021

Jesus instructs his disciples to spread the Gospel.  We see a powerful promise inherent in this preaching: by Jesus’ death and resurrection, he has shown us there is a something beyond the trials and sufferings of our earthly life. Let’s reflect and ask ourselves some questions: ... Read More »

Help Me to Bear Fruit

Posted by Hilda Walter on 5/03/21

Today’s Gospel from John tells of Jesus’ last discourse with his disciples. It would follow that his final message to them carries particular significance. Let’s reflect on his metaphor of the Vine & Branches using the Ignatian prayer method of lectio divina. We read, we reread, we notice what ... Read More »


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