October 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

October 2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

Early Jesuits on Mission

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/25/21

October 24

Early companions of Saint Ignatius were aware of the situation in Germany, where reform efforts of Martin Luther and others had revealed problems in the Catholic Church there, particularly regarding the education of the clergy and laity in their Catholic faith. Previous articles have cited contributions made ... Read More »

Vows repeated

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/17/21

October 17

A significant course of action facing the newly formed Jesuits was for the companions to pronounce their solemn vows. At the Basilica of St. Paul outside of ancient Rome, they would publicly repeat vows made at Montmartre on August 15, 1534. In addition to vows of poverty, ... Read More »

New Jesuit Order

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/11/21

October 10, 2021

Nearly one year after the Pope’s original approval of the new Order, the official Papal Bull documenting this agreement was published on September 27, 1540. The newly formed Society of Jesus held an election to decide the official leader or head of the Order. The word ... Read More »


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