2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

2021 archive of Ignatian Threads

Align with God

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/15/21

December 12, 2021

Advent means ‘a coming into place, view, or being,’ reminding us of a movement, a journey, having a goal or destination.  At this time the church resets its clock and begins a new year. Advent is very much about hope and waiting and longing. It is also ... Read More »

Advent Prayers and Goals

Posted by Hilda Walter on 12/06/21

December 5

This Advent season might be a good opportunity to re-align our hopes and goals with what God wants us to become. In these fast-paced weeks before Christmas, how can we slow down and savor the graces of Advent?  Can we overlay a sense of gratitude for the ... Read More »

Celebrate Jesus Christ as Lord of all Things

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/22/21


Today we celebrate the authority of Christ as King and Lord of all things. It seems fitting that this feast celebrating Christ's kingship falls right before Advent, when we will liturgically wait for the promised Messiah (King). As we praise and glorify the loving and merciful king of ... Read More »

Early Jesuit Efforts

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/16/21

November 14

Early Jesuits dealt w kings and paupers, with sinners and the devout, with popes, with pastors, and with nuns. They preached, taught catechism, and aided orphans and prisoners. Their actions of piety drew on traditional elements, but were peculiarly their own. They wrote plays, participated in the ... Read More »

St. Peter Canisius

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/09/21

November 7, 2021

Peter Canisius, the first Dutchman to enter the newly-formed Society of Jesus, is known for his work in catechesis, especially in Bavaria. Armed with a better knowledge of their faith, Bavarian Catholics were less influenced by Lutheranism as those in other areas of Germany. Canisius’s long career in ... Read More »

An Important Early Jesuit

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/01/21


The Pope had given special permission to the General of the Society of Jesus to commission members of the Jesuits to teach theology in any university. Young Peter Canisius was assigned by Ignatius to be one of several Jesuits sent to teach theology at the University of Ingolstadt ... Read More »

Early Jesuits on Mission

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/25/21

October 24

Early companions of Saint Ignatius were aware of the situation in Germany, where reform efforts of Martin Luther and others had revealed problems in the Catholic Church there, particularly regarding the education of the clergy and laity in their Catholic faith. Previous articles have cited contributions made ... Read More »

Vows repeated

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/17/21

October 17

A significant course of action facing the newly formed Jesuits was for the companions to pronounce their solemn vows. At the Basilica of St. Paul outside of ancient Rome, they would publicly repeat vows made at Montmartre on August 15, 1534. In addition to vows of poverty, ... Read More »

New Jesuit Order

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/11/21

October 10, 2021

Nearly one year after the Pope’s original approval of the new Order, the official Papal Bull documenting this agreement was published on September 27, 1540. The newly formed Society of Jesus held an election to decide the official leader or head of the Order. The word ... Read More »

Final note of St. Peter Faber

Posted by Hilda Walter on 9/27/21

September 26

Peter Faber experienced a mobile ministry in the Society of Jesus. He spent two years in Portugal and Spain, helping to establish the Society of Jesus. He lived as a pilgrim, traveling with few possessions. In each place where he was missioned, he undertook spiritual direction and gave ... Read More »


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