November 2020 archive of Ignatian Threads

November 2020 archive of Ignatian Threads

Awareness in Advent

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/23/20

11-29-20 – 1st Sunday Advent

Advent seems a perfect time to heighten awareness of and appreciation for God’s presence in our everyday living. This season of expectant waiting and preparation echoes his generosity and constant care.  As we begin a new liturgical year, we might pray for ways to ... Read More »

Jesus Christ, Lord and King

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/23/20


Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe – the Last Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ordinary!  Are you kidding? Everyone will surely agree that these last eight months have been anything but ordinary!  Pardon the literal interpretation…couldn’t resist!  In fact, the term ‘ordinary’ does have relevance. Many things ... Read More »

Our Talents are Gifts from God

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/18/20

November 15, 2020

Today in Matthew’s Gospel, servants were called to an accounting of how they used their talents. Do we realize that God has bestowed many ‘talents’ on us: abilities which we are called to develop and use, along with many capabilities which allow us to love, to ... Read More »

Stay Connected with God

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/09/20


If we align with Ignatius in believing that we encounter God at every moment of our existence, we can presume a relationship with God.  This implies connection, association, or bond, favoring mutual participation.  In the Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius offers insights as well as methods to deepen awareness of ... Read More »

Listen to Jesus

Posted by Hilda Walter on 11/02/20


Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints and we listen to Matthew’s Gospel of Jesus teaching his disciples the Beatitudes. Let’s use Imaginative Contemplation and place ourselves on the mountain listening to these words of Jesus.  Do you react with amazement at the challenges these phrases present? ... Read More »


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