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All About Hope

12-15-19 – 3rd Sunday Advent

Advent means ‘a coming into place, view, or being,’ reminding us of a movement, a journey, having a goal or destination.  The church has reset its clock and begun a new year.  Advent is very much about hope, waiting, and longing.  It is also about connection, as it coincides with the end of our calendar year, creating a connection between looking back and moving forward.  These weeks of Advent present opportunity for a sort of tune-up or realignment in the course of our faith journey that may help us better navigate our way forward. The spiritual life is all about union with God.  Advent seems a perfect time to affirm, appreciate, and strengthen this relationship.  Let us welcome this Advent journey as a chance to let go of our distractions and encumbrances and to re-route our thoughts and actions to echo His purpose.


Ask any child, what season is this?  The response will likely be… ‘It’s the Christmas season!’ or, ‘It’s almost Christmas!’  So, then, is Advent the ‘almost Christmas’ season?!?  And what do we do when we’re at a time of ‘almost’ something?  We get ready.  We plan.  We prepare.  Of course, you do need to complete many tasks in preparing for Christmas.  Someone once told me: “I had a good Lent!” I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say “I had a good Advent!”  So let’s see how we can make this a ‘good Advent.’  Maybe start by slowing down so we can savor the graces that give deep meaning to this time of waiting.  We can’t skip right to Christmas; we can’t circumvent this time when the Church resets its clock and begins a new year.  And why would we want to?  This time … this season of Advent is a gift in itself.  If you worry about the future, you might miss the present!  Advent is all about hope. Let our hope be of God and all that he has prepared for us.  Our model of hope is Mary, who brings forth the hope of redemption in the flesh.



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