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A Vision of Love

Ignatian spirituality offers us a vision of love.  Ignatius believed that active loving was God’s most outstanding quality.  We have all been loved and have known loving relationships: parents, siblings, children, spouse, friends, extended family.  One of life’s greatest blessings is having someone truly care about you.  Consider that you are God’s beloved son or daughter, created out of love that doesn’t need to be earned; it just is!  Reflect on not just who you are, but whose you are.  God’s love is poured forth unconditionally, abundantly, and constantly.  God’s blessings invite us to love in return.  Imagine God gazing down at you and saying ‘I love you and always will!  This is a beautiful vision of God to accompany us and sustain us on our spiritual journey.  Let us make the choice to return our hearts to him, as we direct our actions and thoughts in gratitude and love. 


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