Ignatian Threads

Ignatian Threads

Love God and Your Neighbor

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/19/20

October 25

This Sunday’s Gospel from Matthew 22: 34-40 is short, but profound.  Jesus responds to a question from a scholar of the law: “Which commandment in the law is the greatest?” In his answer he gives us the two greatest commandments. Ignatian spirituality teaches that God loves us ... Read More »

God Always Waits

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/09/20

October 11

Ignatian spirituality teaches that God is an active God, ever-present in our lives: inviting, guiding, directing, and constantly pursuing us. Ignatius describes in his autobiography how he began to notice God working in his life, through the interior movements of his heart as well as in the ... Read More »

Thankful for God's Presence

Posted by Hilda Walter on 10/02/20

October 4

Inherent in Ignatian spirituality is the belief that God is active in our everyday lives. After all, we are each his creation. Wouldn’t it follow that our Heavenly Father desires to remain with us as we navigate the waters of our life’s journey? William A. Barry, S.J., ... Read More »

God in Your Decisions

Posted by Hilda Walter on 9/28/20

September 27

Discernment lies at the heart of Ignatian spirituality.  As we reflect on the experiences we encounter in our lives, discernment can be a prayerful guide in making decisions.  In an atmosphere of freedom, we should seek not to be biased in one direction or another.  We should ... Read More »

Real 'Ignatian Threads'

Posted by Hilda Walter on 9/22/20

September 20

This feature, Ignatian Threads, carries significant overtones. Recent offerings introduced some early Jesuits, namely Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Peter Faber, and Peter Canisius who were led them through faith to form the Society of Jesus.  500 years ago these first Jesuits were very young men. Ignatius had not ... Read More »

Early Jesuit Efforts

Posted by Hilda Walter on 9/14/20

September 13

The Pope granted the General of the Society of Jesus special permission to commission Jesuits to teach theology in any university. The young Peter Canisius was assigned by Ignatius to the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria.  Canisius arrived in Bavaria just after he had passed his own doctoral examination ... Read More »

Inspiring Early Jesuit

Posted by Hilda Walter on 9/08/20

September 6

Peter Faber lived just a few years as a Jesuit. He spent two years in Portugal and Spain, helping to establish the Society, and In Germany he was involved in attempts to reconcile Catholics and Lutherans just before the opening of the Council of Trent. Faber made ... Read More »

The Fourth Vow

Posted by Hilda Walter on 8/31/20

August 30

Having elected Ignatius as the first Father General of the Society of Jesus, a second course of action facing the newly formed Jesuits was for the companions to pronounce their solemn vows.  At the Basilica of St. Paul outside of ancient Rome, they would publicly repeat vows ... Read More »

The New Society of Jesus

Posted by Hilda Walter on 8/24/20

August 23

Three years after having pronounced their first vows at Montmartre, Ignatius and his six companions, including Francis Xavier and Peter Faber, travelled to Italy to seek papal approval for their order.  They were given a commendation by Pope Paul III, with permission to be ordained priests. After ordination ... Read More »

Jesuit Pope canonizes Jesuit Saint

Posted by Hilda Walter on 8/11/20

August 9              

Peter Faber, who Feast Day was August 1st, was one of the first Jesuits. At the University of Paris in 1525, he and his roommate, Francis Xavier, studied philosophy and theology. In October, 1529, they added a third roommate, a man several years older than themselves. This ... Read More »


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